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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.

~Benjamin Franklin

Primary Care

Not currently accepting new primary care patients.

Fitness Ladies

Multi-dimensional wellness plans are formulated that incorporate nutritional health, physical health, emotional wellness, mental wellness, financial literacy, and intellect.  

DOT Exams

We have partnered with Page Logistics, LLC to determine how we can offer supportive services to people in the transportation industry.  We offer specialty programs, extended coverage hours, and discounts to these essential workers.  

Psychology Patient
Substance Abuse Counseling and Treatment

There is often a stigma associated with substance abuse and we strive to create a safe and nonjudgmental environement .  We offer treatment and counseling services for the entire family

Veterans Exams

We appreciate the selfless service of our veterans and serve as an evaluation site with accommodations to ensure that they are comfortable.    


Pre-employment, employment, yearly wellness exams, school, and sports physicals offered daily.  Discount given if scheduled at least two days in advance.

Medical Team
Medical Record Review 

Feel like you need a second opinion? Just not sure what it all means?  We can assist you with reviewing medical records and care continuity.  

Gap Care

Out of your medication and traveling?  We offer a 30 day one time refill for chronic medications for cholesterol and hypertension with verifiable records.

Covid Testing

The COVID-19 pandemic is still very real and we continue to do our part by offering 24/7 EMERGENCY RESPONSE. Contact for testing, supportive treatment, and counseling.  Park and call...

Pre-Op Clearance 

Was your scheduled surgery moved up due to a cancellation?  We can get your pre-operative clearance done with a quick turnaround.  Some limitations with med complex patients.

2020 plastic surgery trends.jpeg
Cosmetic Surgery Clearance

Having a face lift or liposuction last minute?  Let us help you to quickly prepare. 

Employee Assistance Program

We partner with employers to provide free and voluntary services to employees. Services can include counseling, referrals, assessments, and care continuation for personal and work related problems. 

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